CC LAW OFFICE is a Tirana law firm that offers legal services which aim to fit the best our client’s interests in relation to efficiency, time, quality and price in one of the following Albanian law practice areas:

(Incorporation of a Business/Acquisitions and Mergers/Business Financing/Taxation/
Customs/Commercial Contracts/Corporate Reorganization/Purchase and Sale of a Business/

CC LAW OFFICE is highly specialized in all aspects of establishing and running business through all forms of partnerships in Albania (general partnership/ limited partnership/ limited liability companies/ anonymous companies). We help both national and international investors to establish and better run their business, providing swift and reliable legal services improving the quality of their business and their competitiveness in the market

(Consultancy related to mining applications/to mining concessions/Acquisitions related to mining sector/Cash flow/Consultancy related to mining project implementation)

CC LAW OFFICE in Tirana provides a broad range of legal services related to mining sector, starting from the very beginning, by facilitating the identification of projects, facilitation of applications and acquisitions and later on, implementation of mining projects through offering state of the art legal advice. It has already assisted many foreign companies establish strong and important mining project in Albania.


(Consultancy related to Albanian legal framework/Oil & gas acquisitions/Concessions/
Privatization/Licensing/Joint ventures/Project implementation)

CC LAW OFFICE  provides professional assistance for a full spectrum of companies operating in the Albanian Energy, Oil & Gas sector. Because of strict regulations of the sector, the assistance of the office focuses most on licensing, concessions and project implementation. Albanian Oil & Gas sector provides interesting opportunities related to exploration, extraction of raw materials, processing, refining and commercialization of the products. With an emerging market even the import of fuels, lubricants and industrial plants is highly interesting because of the rapid and continuous growth of the request in Albania.


(Lender and Borrower Disputes/Purchase Agreements/Sale of Land/Title Issues/
Reviewing, Drafting and Negotiating Leases)

Tirana law firm, CC LAW OFFICE provides counseling in all real estate matters.
Our lawyers represent vendors and purchasers, developers and builders, lenders and borrowers and landlords and tenants with respect to the acquisition, disposition and leasing of real estate.


(Marks & patents registration/Copyright contracts/National and international applications)

The improvement legislation in the field of Intellectual Property as well as the membership to the most important conventions in the field of Intellectual Property have brought a new prospective in the way the intellectual property issues are addressed by both the state institutions (customs/tax authorities) and individuals. Our lawyers deal with all the aspects of intellectual property protection from copyright to the patents and trademarks. We have built a reputation for our extensive knowledge on the field and our commitment to the client’s interests.

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(First Court cases/Appeals to the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court/Arbitrage)

CC LAW OFFICE  deals with a great variety of civil law suits, from labor to property disputes, from shareholder disputes to copyright and patent claims.
The main goal of any of our lawyers is to provide swift and practical solution to the problems presented by our client. We work closely with our clients to ensure that every element of the problem has a successful resolution.

(Applications for Permanent Resident Status/Business Immigration/Study Permits/
Temporary Resident Permits/Work Permits)

CC LAW OFFICE in Tirana offers counseling in all aspects of immigration including business and investment immigration. The increasing number of foreign citizens present in Albania has brought a growing number of applications for permanent resident status, applications for temporary residence (mainly workers and visitors, but occasionally students as well). Procedures required by the Albanian legislation such as applications for administrative permits and appearances before bodies are one of the practice areas of our lawyers.

(Employment Contracts/Insurance and Benefits/Workers’ Compensation/
Wrongful Dismissal)

Having acted on behalf of either employer or aggrieved employee on such employment issues as wrongful dismissal, or disputes of disability benefits, we have appeared before the Civil Courts of all instances. Our experience allows us to provide effective and timely counsel and remedy to our clients.