Albania, more than 10.000 new businesses opened in 7 months of 2017

Establishing a favorable business climate has now become the theme of every official working table in Albania.

But according to official statistics, during the first seven months of this year, the National Business Center reported 10,645 news businesses registered or 19.34% less than the same period of 2016.

According to the statistics, the number of new businesses during the first seven months of the previous year was 13,197.

Although the number of newly opened businesses is considerable, the number of requests for closure compared to the previous year has decreased by about 52.54%.

According to the NBC statistics, the number of closed businesses for the first seven months of this year is estimated at 2163, while in the same period of the previous year this number was 4558.

With a simple analysis, we can say that the action on informality has produced an effect to this process, since many businesses that had unpaid obligations from the tax administration have applied to close them while opening them under new names.

Currently, 33 offices of the NBC are operational throughout the country.

They are concentrated in the main cities, where the number of businesses is higher.

Only a year ago, the National Business Center started offering services in a summarized way, reducing bureaucracy and business costs.

The work for the creation of this single center had started since 2014, while it is foreseen that that the full reform to improve business climate in Albania will be completed by the end of 2017.